About Us

Our Story

Our story began in 2016 with the goal of creating safer home care products. Odo-Rite uses biotechnology to create eco-friendly products that are safe and effective

Our Parent company

RAM NATH is a leading distributor of industrial chemicals, polymers, additives, health and nutrition products. With a rich heritage of 75 years, Ram-Nath has created value in the supply chain by serving diverse industry verticals.

Ram-Nath launched its first consumer brand ODO-RITE in 2016. Ram-Nath has also forayed into the world of Ayurveda through LiveRight.

The nose is an important sense organ. It alerts us to dangers like gas leaks, fire or rotten food. Smell has been an integral part of biological evolution and is associated with emotion and memories. That is the underlying reason, that fragrances are added to many products including food.

Being in the chemicals business for so many years I am well aware of what goes into the fragrances that we inhale. Even though there are strict norms that regulate this field, constant exposure does have harmful effects over the years.

While all of us desire a pleasing environment that is smell free, the path to reach this is not so apparent. Thus, Odo-Rite was born to solve this challenge. We are a home care brand conscious of people, pets and the planet. Odo-Rite changes the way your world smells while eliminating dangerous substances, saving water and being eco-friendly.

Hari Narayanan – Director

With more than 20 years of experience in various fields including automobiles, paints, and chemicals, I have always wanted to give back to the environment. This thought led us to the conception of Odo-Rite.

I am sure all of us experience many moments in our daily life when we feel that our ambiance smelt better and are embarrassed by the strong and foul odour in the places which we frequent – like our Washrooms, Kitchen sink, Service areas, Shoe rack or our bags and sports kit! While a variety of air fresheners are available in the market it is very rare that they give us complete satisfaction in making our living spaces smell better! Most fresheners have synthetic chemical fragrances and are harmful to breathe! And they do not even remove the bad odours – they just mask it!

Odo Rite comes as a breath of fresh air in controlling bad smell. It does not mask the foul smell but it removes the cause of bad odour!

Believe in Odo Rite! Try it! It is a “Product of Science”! It works and it will work! It is proudly developed and Made in India!

K.A Srinivasan – Director

Being an eco-friendly person, I have always loved nurturing my environment. Today, I am proud to be part of an eco-friendly team that protects us and our nature in this age of modernization. As the concrete jungle is on its expanse, it time for us to protect and sustain our eco-life.

With a diverse experience in industries ranging from hospitality, chemical to eco-friendly products, I bring forth a strong knowledge of how constant chemical exposure affects our ecological balance.

Our vision and mission are to create ways of efficient living with our biodegradable and eco-friendly solutions. Odo-Rite is a great addition to your environment saving measures. Go green and save mother nature.

Prateep Kumar – Business Developement