ODO-RITE Combo Pack Kennel Wash/Pet Floor Cleaner with Odour Neutralizer (500ml) with Pet Area Freshener Odour Remover (200ml)


  • CLEANING SOLUTION – Research and Science based formulation, made to be more powerful than chemical cleaners, yet safe for pets, human and environment. OdoRite removes the stains and odors permanently.
  • It is a micro-biological product with active beneficial bacteria as content effective in removing dog odour and cat urine smell.
  • Eliminates urine smells and stains permanently. Deep Action cleaning and Odour control in Kennel / Pet area Non toxic, Eco friendly , bio degradable and completely safe for people, pet and planet
  • Having a pet and keeping the home clean is quite a challenge. The odour still lingers on, no matter how hard you scrub. Odo-Rite presents a remarkable solution in eliminating the urine smell of your pets. One of the best advantages of our odour remover- is that it is safe to use around your pets
  • No Phosphates , No Chlorine Bleaches , No Harsh Solvents , No Abrasive Substances, No Colourants
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Cleans all types of flooring in pet area. Creates healthy micro flora to provide odor control. Penetrates surface pores, providing deeper cleaning with odour removing microbs. Unlike standard chemical products, easily penetrates cracks, crevices and surface pores providing deeper cleaning and odour control. OdoRite kennel wash is a safer alternative to harsh chemical cleaners. Its eco friendly and bio degradable. No Phosphates , No Chlorine Bleaches , No Harsh Solvents , No Abrasive Substances, Highly safe for pets. Usage Instructions: Shake well. Add 2 capful to 4 Litres of water and wash the floor. Rinsing is not necessary. Ingredients: probiotic formula containing water (beneficial bacteria cultures)

Odo-Rite Kennel wash can be used to clean:

  • Dog and cat kennels
  • Pet traveling crates
  • Dog cages
  • Small pet cages of Guinea pigs, Hamsters and so on.
  • Pet beds
  • Pet furniture
  • Pet toys


  • Shake well before use.
  • It can be directly applied to the stain or be used diluted.
  • For general everyday cleaning, dilute 20ml in half bucket of water and then mop the floor. For best results, use daily.
  • For tough stains such as dog urine/feces, apply the solution directly.
  • Spray with Odo-Rite pet area freshener to the cleaned area for best results.

Odo-Rite Pet Area Freshener can be used to clean:

Area of application:

  • Our product is best for homes with pets
  • Pet bed, cages, and kennels
  • Little pet cages

How to use:

  • Shake the bottle gently before use and spray directly at the smell.


  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets
  • Eye irritant; In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice
  • If swallowed/ingested immediately seek medical advice
  • Use as per the direction.


10 reviews for ODO-RITE Combo Pack Kennel Wash/Pet Floor Cleaner with Odour Neutralizer (500ml) with Pet Area Freshener Odour Remover (200ml)

  1. manabi brahma

    Really great product . Removes stain and pet odours. Feels fresh and safe for both humans and pets. Would suggest to keep the price more affordable for all.

  2. Magic

    Gave 1star on value for money,if it was more affordable for dog lovers(not everyone is that much rich to buy a costly product every two weeks), but no other odour removers can beat this product,I used other brands,my pug started getting itching problems,so have forced to buy this product,even if it’s costly.
    Thanks 🙏🙏

  3. SC

    It gets rid of any odour, specifically pet odours

  4. Sukanya

    The product is indeed value for money, the smell is fresh and actually helps remove odour.

  5. Suk

    Very good product.. Smell is very pleasant.. And really helps in removing the pet smells instantly… A good product… Am a happy and satisfied customer

  6. Rajan

    Smells good. Even tough odours removed. This is my second purchase. Product is a bit expensive, would be happy with better discounts. I use it everyday.

  7. Sumenta Bell

    So sorry useful for accidents around the house. It smells so good I’d use it as a perfume if I could . Little pricey but this offer males it decent

  8. Sunil Sherekar

    It has pleasant scent, though little expensive but overall quality is good. I liked it and would recommend it.


    It removes odour. But bit expensive. The smell is somewhat powdery

  10. jai

    These are one of the cheaper alternatives and highly recommended . Does the job well.

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