OdoRite – Pet Area Freshener and Odor Remover


  • Deep Action and Tough Odour remover in  Kennel / Pet area
  • Pet friendly and keeps your loved one in a safe and natural environment
  • Non- toxic, contains no chlorine or other harmful chemicals
  • Eliminates bad smell in the natural way
  • Bio – Degradable and Eco – Friendly
  • Removes Pet accident smell
  • Wonderful product for cat litter box smell
  • Can be used in Dog and cat accessories


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Odo-Rite Pet Area Freshener is an inimitable odour remover that works within nature to wipe away those stubborn smells. Unlike other fresheners that mask stench with fragrance, Odo-Rite is committed to removing odour. Our unique biotechnological process ensures that our products do not harm the planet. Free of harmful chemicals and strong fragrances, Odo-Rite keeps your home odour-free. 

Area of application:

  • Our product is best for homes with pets
  • Pet bed, cages, and kennels
  • Little pet cages 

How to use:

  • Shake the bottle gently before use and spray directly at the smell.


  • Keep away from pets and children
  • Seek immediate medical attention in case of ingestion. In case of eye contact, wash immediately with water.
  • Use as directed.





6 reviews for OdoRite – Pet Area Freshener and Odor Remover

  1. arjun ankathil

    The delivery was done fast and I used it in my car to get rid of a damp seat smell.
    The spray doesnt have a strong smell of it’s own and does manage to kill the foul odour in a few seconds.
    I use it every time before getting in the car and with time,it has helped.

  2. Satish Muthiyalu

    I have 2 dogs aged 5 and 15 yrs. At times, between bath, the older dog emits a peculiar odour. I tried odo-rite. The product is good and provides fast acting relief from pet odours. Worth the price.

  3. Phuntsog Wangdi Pulger

    The product is good value for money. It smells nice and isn’t strong. It takes away the scent of urine but does not irritate your nostrils. It does what it is advertised for. Overall, great product . I will purchase it again.

  4. Srilatha

    Excellent product which keeps odour free and very pet friendly.

  5. Vimal Goel

    It works.. reccomended ..

  6. Pranay

    Awesome product for pet lovers and even too good for bathrooms luv this one to use

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